UPDATE May 2014: Wheeler Elementary School Tree Museum - Jefferson Co., Kentucky

On occasion life brings pleasant surprises. This was the case when we found that Bob Mills had taken an interest in the Wheeler Elementary tree museum. Mr. Mills was granted approval to help the school put the museum back into shape. Like many of the museums they fall into disrepair due to factors such as time, weather, mowers, vandals, etc.

In fact many of the people involved with the original museums have retired or moved on and there is often some question of just exactly what the trees represent. Bob did the research and even has begun replacing missing plaques with new ones.

Mr. Mills partnered with Sarah Stoltz a Horticulture Agent  from the Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service who was able to get some local tree companies to reshape the trees. These companies even created and donated enough mulch to nicely cover each remaining tree. School Principal Penny Espinosa had the brilliant idea of getting the school children involved in the spruce up. On "mulch day" children were given buckets and they helped transport the mulch to the individual trees. There was a large amount of mulch moved that day and the children did the chores with such energy that all of the available mulch was placed and they were ready for more!

Bob's efforts were duly noted and documented in the Jefferson County (Kentucky) Public School System's newsletter.

Mulch will help the trees by deterring weeds and insects. Mulch also helps to conserve moisture, improve soil, and prevent erosion. Optimally add about four inches of dry organic mulch out to the tree's drip line and not against the trunk.

The children benefit from enjoying some fresh air and exercise. Hopefully the tree museum will pique some interest in both nature and history!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. ~Chinese Proverb
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