About the man and his beloved legacy tree project

This blog is dedicated to my late Uncle Stan. He was a gem of a person. Not hardly a day goes by that I don't think about him. He had a love of life and an energy level that few people will ever achieve. This is not a brag sheet but rather an attempt to continue his legacy and promote one the projects he loved so much.

Stan inspecting young oak tree

Stan worked for GE for nearly forty years as an engineer. He worked full-time all those years but still had the energy to teach numerous college courses, serve as a city treasurer, swim across the Ohio River each year, write ghost stories for the newspaper, write several books on historic events, and of course, pursue his quest to propagate historical trees. He had a master's degree in physics. He was a WWII veteran who served in the Navy and saw action at Guadalcanal. The man was an expert on many subjects including the history of the U.S. Civil War and World War II.

Stan was a pivotal member of several historical societies and frequently gave public speeches at various club meetings. He was completely computer literate long before it was fashionable and kept track of the family genealogy. He loved to write poetry and had some of his poems published. He and his wife Mildred raised two beautiful daughters.

Stan LeMaster postcard - frontside

Stan was born as my father's twin brother in Oklahoma in 1925. It was evident from an early age that Stan was exceptionally smart. He was only six years old when my grandparents would show him off to friends and neighbors by letting him recite complex poetry in its entirety such as Longfellow's "Wreck of the Hesperus". His ability to memorize and recall was phenomenal.
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. ~Chinese Proverb
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