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Oklahoma City Memorial American Elm "Survivor Tree"
Trees on the National Mall in Washington D.C.
General Douglas Macarthur catalpa - Jeffersontown Kentucky
Nature Conservancy - Plant a billion trees
Hal Borland - famous tree quotations
Ruckriegel Historical tree exhibit - Jeffersontown Kentucky
Lincoln white oak & Klein tree museum Crestwood KY
Youngs Inn Historical trees
Northeastern Oklahoma College tree museum
Community of Christ church - scripture garden & tree museum
Clear Creek Park historical tree-park Shelbyville KY
Klondike Elementary tree museum
Abraham Lincoln white oak Male High School Louisville KY
Alex Haley water maple Male High School Louisville KY
Thomas Jefferson golden rain tree Male High School
Laura Ingalls cottonwood Male High School
John F. Kennedy sycamore Male High School
Gone with the wind redbud Male High School
Male High School historical tree museum Louisville KY
Male High School - Desert Storm historical tree arbor memorial
Andrew Jackson magnolia Daviess County Courthouse  
Eisenhower catalpa Jeffersontown High School
Inaugural elm at Stanley Casey home Shelbyville KY
Henry Clay ginkgo Goldsmith Elementary Louisville KY
Hippocratic oath sycamore Vanhoose Education Center
Five Sullivan brothers crabapple tree Forest Hills KY
Wheeler Elementary School tree museum
Ballard High School tree museum Louisville KY
Johnny Appleseed in Tokyo Japan
Child hero honored with tulip poplar Owensboro KY
Around the world with trees

Trees from the moon seeds
Famous Alfred Joyce Kilmer trees poem
Largest sassafras tree in USA Owensboro KY
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. ~Chinese Proverb
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