Clear Creek Park Historical Tree Park - Shelbyville, Kentucky

An amphitheater was dedicated at Clear Creek Park in Shelbyville, Kentucky on October 11, 1992. The amphitheater was named after Dr. A. L. Birch during a Shelby County bicentennial celebration. The county was formed in 1792 and named after Isaac Shelby, the first governor in the state.
Clear Creek Park arboretum
Since then over thirty historical trees have been planted near the amphitheater at what is known as the Colonel Sander's pavilion. Sander's was best known for being the creator of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Klein-1 holly and crimson barberry bushes in a star
There was a Klein-1 holly tree planted in 1992 in honor of nurseryman Theodore Klein who is credited with creating this variety of holly. At the same ceremony Stan Lemaster dedicated a tree for the five residents of the county who became Rhodes scholars. The Klein holly was surrounded by five rows of crimson barberry bushes that form a star.
newspaper article Shelby County bicentennial ceremony
A newspaper article pictured Stan Lemaster, Theodore Klein and his wife Martha, and Jim Fegenbush and some Shelby county officials at the bicentennial ceremony.

The park erected a sign dedicating the location near the pavilion as the Jim Fegenbush Historical Tree Arboretum on June 10, 2003.

A Johnny Appleseed Apple with fruit starting:
Johnny Appleseed apple tree
Cedar of Lebanon:
historical cedar of Lebanon
Harry Truman Maple:
Harry Truman maple
London Plane sycamore (left) and Alex Haley Maple (right):
London Plane sycamore, Alex Haley maple
Ann Rutledge maple:
Ann Rutledge maple
Charter Oak:
Charter Oak descedant
Ulysses Grant Gum:

Eisenhower Catalpa:
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