Male High School Desert Storm Memorial Historical Tree Garden

The tree museum and the tree garden are located at Louisville, Kentucky's Male High School and are separated by the main entrance and a small parking lot. This post refers to the Desert Storm Memorial Historical Tree Garden.
Louisville Male HS Desert Storm Memorial Historical Tree Garden
The dedication program states:
Veteran's Day
Wednesday, November 11, 1992
10:30 AM
"To honor the brave people who served our nation in the Operation Desert Storm, Male will dedicate this garden. It is one of the nation's largest historical tree gardens on a high school campus. These trees were donated by Stan LeMaster and Theodore Klein, both of Louisville. They have worked over ten years cultivating, growing and distributing historical trees."
All Desert Storm Veterans
The Historical Tree Society
Louisville Male JROTC
Louisville Male PTSA
Brook 'n' Breck

Desert Storm Memorial Tree arbor Male High School

Some of the trees in this memorial tree garden include;

a Henry Clay ginkgo
Henry Clay ginkgo

an Appomattox sycamore
Appomattox sycamore

a Robert E. Lee paulownia
Robert E Lee paulownia

George Rogers Clark catalpa tree
George Rogers Clark catalpa

an Abe Lincoln white oak
Abe Lincoln white oak

a Ming Dynasty cypress
Ming Dynasty cypress

Not pictured the tree arbor also contains a Sir Isaac Newton apple, a Johnny Appleseed apple, a Harriet Beecher Stowe ash, a John F. Kennedy sycamore, and a Washington White Plains sycamore.
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