Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Tree Museum

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College is located in Miami, Oklahoma and is the site of another Stan LeMaster historical "Living Legacy" tree museum.

NEO A&M College tree museum

The original sign still stands although only seven trees (of the original sixteen listed on the sign) remain. The trees that have survived look very healthy and capable of growing for many more years.

NEO A&M College tree museum sign

Planted in a line and listed from south to north, the surviving trees include a Zachary Taylor hybrid oak:
Zachary Taylor oak

A John F. Kennedy Sycamore, from a tree grown at his birthplace in Brookline, NY:

The Hippocratic Oath sycamore, take from the tree believed to have been the site where the first medical oath was taken on the island of Cos in the Mediterranean.
Hippocratic Oath sycamore

One of two Eisenhower catalpa trees from his home in Gettysburg, PA:
Eisenhower Catalpa

Flowers on one of the Dwight Eisenhower Catalpa trees:
Eisenhower Catalpa blossoms

A James Monroe Ash from his home in Charlottesville, VA:
James Monroe Ash

The James Whitcomb Riley Maple from his home in Indianapolis, IN:
James Whitcomb Riley maple

These pictures were taken over a two day period during the Memorial Day weekend in May of 2009. The first day was bright sunshine and the second day was overcast with intermittent rain. This made for a challenge as bright sun is not ideal for tree pictures, nor does anyone want to get rain on their camera equipment.

What a nice surprise and tourist attraction this tree museum can be for those visiting the Miami, OK area!
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. ~Chinese Proverb
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