Community of Christ Church Scripture Garden and historical trees

What a wonderful surprise to find out that a nearby church, the Community of Christ Church, has many living legacy historical trees. I was very fortunate to meet Mr. David Blair and his wife Joyce. The Blairs have a long relationship at the church as Dave was a pastor there for years. They are currently taking care of the grounds and I must say the gardens are looking better than ever.

David and Joyce Blair Community of Christ Church

The church is located in the delightful community of Forest Hills, Kentucky which is a suburb in eastern Louisville. The location has a creek that runs through which makes an idea location for the historical trees. The 2009 ice storm damaged trees through-out our area and the church trees were no exception as a couple were severely damaged and destroyed. However, there are twelve, or more, historical trees that not only survived but are thriving.

The garden is overflowing with beauty and this purple clematis is just one example.
purple clematis

The fortuitous meeting with the Blairs provided a new friendship and a treasure trove of information regarding the Stan LeMaster Living Legacy Historical Tree project. Here are some pictures of some of the historical trees located at the church. Kudos to the Blairs who have assured that these legacies will live on in the Scripture Garden and through these historical trees.

Palmyra Maple:
Palmyra maple

Lincoln White Oak:
Lincoln White Oak

Eisenhower Catalpa:
Eisenhower Catalpa

Joan of Arc Willow:
Joan of Arc Willow tree

Laura Ingalls Cottonwood:
Ingalls Cottonwood

Buckingham Palace London Planetree:
Buckingham Palace Plane

Ann Rutledge Maple:
Ann Rutledge Maple

Henry Clay Ginkgo:
Henry Clay Ginkgo Biloba

Jackson Magnolia:
Andrew Jackson Magnolia
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. ~Chinese Proverb
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