His love of trees

The only requirements Stan had when donating trees with links to famous persons or places is that the tree be planted on public property and that the recipients place a permanent marker next to the tree. Stan started this project in 1966 and was joined by Theodore Klein in 1980 and James Fegenbush, Jr. in 1989.

Stan at early tree planting Doing what he loved to do, Stan Lemaster planting a tree.

tree museum postcard
Tree museum postcard (front).

back of tree museum postcard
Tree museum postcard (back - click to enlarge).  The back of the postcard contains an important typographical error and should state that Stan started this project in 1966 which is evident on the plaque on the front side of the postcard.  (By 1996 he and his partners had over a thousand historical trees already planted world-wide!)

ticket to tree museum
Complimentary ticket to one of many historic tree museums with which Stan was associated.

dedication invitation, Wheeler tree museum
Original Tree Museum Dedication invitation. Legacy trees planted include: Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Bill Clinton, Sir Isaac Newton, Seeds that went to the moon, Amelia Earhart, and George Washington.

more information about Stan:
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. ~Chinese Proverb
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