International historical tree locations

International historical tree museums are located in over thirty countries. Here is a sampling of those which are documented.

Welkenraedt, Belgium - Hippocratic Oath sycamore
Belgium Hippocratic Oath sycamore
Australian National Park, Australia - Douglas McArthur catalpa
McArthur catalpa in Australia

Toorak, Australia - Nimitz Museum - destined for Guadalcanal
Plymouth, England - Johnny Appleseed apple
Istanbul University, Turkey - Hippocratic Oath sycamore
Chengdu, Sichuan Province of China - Johnny Appleseed apple
Inchon, Korea - Freedom Park - General MacArthur catalpa seeds
Taitung County, Taiwan - Office of the Magistrate - George Washington sycamore
Tokyo, Japan - Sanyo Electric Co. LTD - Johnny Appleseed seedling
Vouvry, Switzerland - Commune De Vouvry - Johnny Appleseed seeds
Rotorua, New Zealand - Forest Research Institute - Johnny Appleseed seeds
Karlstad, Sweden - Varmlands Lans Lansting, Centralsjukhuset - Johnny Appleseed seeds
South pole greenhouse, Antarctica - Irish ivy from Blarney Castle
Antarctica greenhouse Irish ivy

Other historical trees with international connections:
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt - received olive seeds originally from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem
Domreme, France - Joan of Arc Willow
USSR - Soviet Russia - Kremlin Ash
Ming Pagoda, China - Ming Dynasty Cypress
Lebanon - Cedar of Lebanon
Isle of Elbe (in Mediterranean Sea) - Napoleon Willow
Lincolnshire, England 1665 - Sir Isaac Newton Apple
Versailles, France - WWI Surrender site
Germany - Zoar Apple
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