Historical tree museum locations

Here is an incomplete list of historical tree "museums" which are loosely defined as locations with multiple historical trees present:

Storm Lake, IA Storm Lake Heritage Tree Museum 360 degree view
DeSoto, MO DeSoto Historical Tree Museum
Jefferson City, MO
Atchison Middle School, Atchison, Kansas Stan LeMaster (ThinkQuest)
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Miami, Oklahoma NEO A&M
Selinsgrove, PA
City of Charter Oak, IA
Unionville, MO Putnam County Historical Society Moon Sycamore
Klondike Elementary School, Louisville KY Historical tree museum Klondike Elementary  
Male High School, Louisville, KY Male HS tree museum and Desert Storm tree garden
Ballard High School, Louisville, KY Ballard High School tree museum
Southern High School in Louisville, KY
Community of Christ Church, Louisville, KY Community of Christ church scripture garden
Wheeler Elementary School, Louisville, KY Wheeler Elementary School trees
Port William Historical Society, Carrollton, KY
Camden Station Elementary and South Oldham HS, Crestwood, KY Lincoln Oak and the Klein tree museum
Jeffersontown Public Library, Jeffersontown, KY Ruckriegel Historical Tree Exhibit
Clear Creek Park, Shelbyville, KY
Historic Grove, Jackson, Tennessee
Panther Creek Park, Owensboro, KY
Rosehill and Elmwood Cemetery, Owensboro, KY

International historical tree locations

Capital Hill buckeyes

Wheeler Elementary School located in Louisville, KY:

Tree museum located in DeSoto, Missouri:

The following are two images of the historic tree inventory as it existed in 1993. Click on the image to see a larger, more legible copy.

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